Hello Light Seekers, welcome to my new interview series “Meditation Motivators”.

This year I hope “motivate” you in some way to:

  • Start a meditation practice; or
  • Further your practice; and
  • Give you an insight into someone else’s world of meditation.

I will be chatting to some amazing humans about their meditation practices and what it means to them.

To start of the series I asked the beautiful Megan Gogoll of Show Me Your Diamond about her practice…..this is what she said:

Tell us about YOU? What is your beautiful message to the world?

I’m a writer, a poet and an anxiety coach for women. Right now my motto is “Feel all the feels. Write through the burning. Spread creative wildfire.”

Which is basically summing up my mission of using creative writing to work through all my emotions fear, pain, doubt, anxiety and sharing this in hopes of inspiring others to do the same.

Express everything.

Because every part of you is beautifully unique, not just the “pretty” parts. I want to see people’s ugly, their human beingness, that is what’s inspiring to me. I find fragility and vulnerability breathtakingly beautiful.




Is meditation an important part of your life, what does it mean to you?

Mediation has become a huge part of my life. I started dabbling in it as a way to clear and calm my anxious mind. Then slowly but surely I started to reap the benefits. Before meditation, my mind was like a little mice on her running wheel, going at crazy speeds but never actually getting anywhere. Meditation provides direction, space and clarity and I use it as a tool for everything now creativity, inspiration, chakra cleansing, healing, relaxation. I love it.

Do you practice a particular type of meditation?

No actually I do not. I like to mix it up and just do what feels right for me at the time.  Sometimes I’ll just sit and focus on my breath. Other times I will use a specific guided meditation. Or I’ll tune in with some binaural beats. I like to keep my practice open and fluid.

No structure, just commitment.

Where do you usually practice your meditation? Do you have a sacred space / altar?

I do. I have a little space set up with my mat, some candles, a little altar with crystals and totems and flowers. And it is all in front of a large fabric artwork of Ganesh.

As soon as I sit on that mat I feel instantly relaxed and calm. I think it is important to have a space that is uniquely yours and has beautiful items that mean something to you. Once you step into that space, your thoughts are left behind.

It’s like muscle memory for your soul.

I also like to getting outdoors and do a meditation in nature when I can. There’s something about the breeze, the trees, the sun, that amplifies the whole experience.




Can you provide any guidance to individuals who haven’t started a meditation practice or don’t think they are good at it or are wanting to start but need a little nudge in the right direction?

Absolutely. Start. And leave judgement behind. There is no right or wrong way to meditate.

Your practice will change and grow just as you do.

When I first began my practice, I had to have music, I couldn’t sit in silence, even with the guided meditations, I needed background tunes. Now I’m really digging Michael Seeley’s hypnotic voice, it’s like a trance, and I love how deeply I go into his meditations.

I would definitely suggest a guided meditation if you struggle to clear your mind. Listening to someone else’s voice helps you concentrate on the meditation itself rather than your intrusive thoughts.

There are heaps out there to try, Belinda Davidson does a Chakra Cleanse for Busy People, Tibetan Monks have some beautiful meditation cd’s.  Melissa Ambrosini has some short guided ones to get you started. The Nourishing Goddess from Fiorella KisMajor and Sonescence Meditones from Tahlee, are both really beautiful.

Start and commit. Leave your ego at the door. Do what feels good. Meditation is a discipline yes, but it is meant to lift you up, not feel like a chore.

Let it change your life.

Do you have a favourite time of the day to meditate? Do you think it is important to practice the same time every day?

I think in the beginning it is important to try and meditate at the same time everyday, to get you into the routine of making meditation a part of your life. Then as you go on you will find your own rhythm and what works for you. I do meditate every morning as it sets me up for my day. If I skip it, I notice my energy is a lot more scattered. Then I’ll usually mix it up with my times and days for a chakra cleanse or a deep hypnosis.

3 words that summarise how meditation has changed your life (if you can fit that in 3 words!!)?


Insight  //  Clarity  //  Spaciousness

What is your favourite quote at the moment?

I’m crushing on this simple yet powerful prose by the great Lao Tzu..

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.”


Megan is an Anxiety Coach Writer and Poet of deep dark truths.

Her mission is to use words as arrows, to strike life into the hearts of the creatively anxious.

If you are ready to ignite a fire of self expression connect with Megan now at Show Me Your Diamond